First in the World, Live Feeding Shark at Seaworld

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin' for?

Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the see 🎶🎶🎶

The first and last time I went to Seaworld Indonesia was 2015. Still remember, after moved to Jakarta, one of the attractions I wanted to visit was Seaworld Indonesia. Because I want to walk in the water tunnel. I sat in the main aquarium with the other kids looking at the diver who was feeding fish at the main aquarium. Time flies, now I've become auntie ckckck

Thank god in October 2019 I was given the opportunity to visit Seaworld Indonesia again with my 2 friends, Dini and Najla. oh yeah, Dini also bring a cute and handsome child, his name is Nuka. I was very happy I could invite all of them on an educational tour around Seaworld Indonesia, as well as introducing fish species to Nuka. He was very excited.

Did You Know Sister and Brother???
Seaworld Indonesia was once named the largest aquarium in southeast asia, but is now defeated with an aquarium in singapore, S.E.A Aquarium (because S.E.A Aquarium is able to hold 7x greater than Seaworld Indonesia)
And there is the newest attraction presented by Seaworld Indonesia, namely "Face to Face Feeding Show Shark" first in Indonesia and the world. Whoaaaaaa. First of all, I'm very grateful and excited because I become one of the people who can see for the first time Live Feeding Shark without cage (only with shark suit).
Shark Aquarium areas in Seaworld Indonesia is 900 cubic meters, there are 25 types of Sharks and 2 Lion Dance. Three types of dangerous sharks exist in the artificial, namely, The hammerhead shark ranks 6th in the world's wildest, the Blackfin Shark, the 26th most vicious in the world, and the Buto Shark (Giant Nurse Shark) in the order of 32 of the world's wildest. While the Lion Dance is an imperfect result from sharks that turn into stingrays.

There are two professional divers in the Shark Aquarium. One diver feeds the sharks and one diver on duty as a rescue diver. The two divers were wearing a special costume named Shark Suit imported directly from Florida, America. Shark Suit is handmade, made from stainless steel, and weighs 15 kg.
Maybe 10 years later when i have children ...
"Mommy look, whats the named of the fish mommy??"
"Oh thats Shark, sweetheart"
"Are they danger??"
"They are one of the dangerous animals in the world. but humans are more dangerous"
"why mommy?"
"Because about 100 million sharks die per year due to the actions of humans who want to use sharks, especially fins. While shark attacks on humans are not that many. The fact is that there are still many people consuming shark fins"
don't let our grandchildren see extinct sharks

So sister and brother, wanna come and feel the adrenaline to see Live Feeding Shark?? Just come to SEAWORLD INDONESIA the attractions will be show at 2.30 pm everyday.
Location : Jalan Lodan Timur No.7, RW.10, Ancol, Kec. Pademangan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14430

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